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Executive Presence Elevated


My team and I are excited to announce the opening of our Executive Presence Elevated Program!

In Executive Presence Elevated, I work with you to help get you to YOUR desired position! I will help you learn how to master the techniques imperative for the strongest executive presence, allowing you to go after the position you deserve.

Executive Presence Elevated teaches you the most important steps necessary to move toward gaining the influence, prestige, and recognition you deserve and desire. We are all constantly bombarded by noise — ‘experts’ saying they know how to get you to 7-figures in 3 months BUT the truth behind it is that they’ve never even done it themselves! 

That’s where we’re different.

We’ve been there, done that… numerous times. I have a proven, visible track record with testimonials and awards backing this very big statement!

You Will Gain...

  • Elite Executive Presence

    The ability to command executive presence as soon as you walk into the room, allowing you to go after the position you desire and DESERVE — and get it!

  • Unshakeable Confidence

    Strategies for increasing your overall confidence as well as tips to improve your ability to maintain your composure in stressful and difficult situations.

  • Increased Influence

    Elevated Emotional Intelligence giving you the ability to connect and resonate with your audience, leading to you being sought after by your peers and managers.

  • Enhanced Communication

    Strong communication skills and a thorough understanding of how your body language, tenor & tonality, appearance, and attitude are perceived by others.

Over 12 weeks, we assess your current situation to meet you where you are — body language & tone, emotional intelligence, active listening skills, knowing how and when to ask provocative questions, etc. This allows us to tailor your roadmap specific to your needs so that when the time is right, your boss will be thinking about YOU for that position you desire. 


You need to have at least 2 years of business, corporate or proven entrepreneur experience and be a proven high impact player or identified as “High Potential” by your direct manager. So, who are you? You're a High Potential First Time Manager. You are a Director or VP wanting to get to the next level promotion, or better, skip a level or two and go straight for VP. You are a Consultant, Trainer, Coach, Speaker, Creative, Agency Owner, in Legal, Financial, Real Estate, Health and Wellness, and other service-based fields.  


You want to rise to the next level of your career and achieve the recognition, prestige, influence, and compensation you deserve. No more seeing yourself passed over for that promotion.



A 4-hour 1:1 Intake Zoom at the beginning of the program AND a 4-hour 1:1 session to go over your customized Methodologies & Success Roadmap as well as any closing questions you may have.

These will be scheduled at your convenience ($20,000 value) for the first 3 clients.

INVESTMENT: During these difficult times, we’re offering special pricing for 2021 to make Executive Presence Elevated more affordable than ever. 


"...helped me tackle salary negotiation, revamping my website, my presence..."

Ally Thornton

"While working with Stephynie, she helped me uncover and overcome numerous challenges. For starters, I was feeling extremely stuck in my job at the time. It was a toxic environment. I was underpaid. I found I was too comfortable but it was making me unhappy.

Right from the start Stephynie made me feel empowered and helped give me insight into my true potential. She knew my limits better than I did which proved to be absolutely invaluable.

Stephynie helped me lay out the challenges that would come with going out on my own — sustainability, expanding my client base, learning to say no, etc. In order to overcome these challenges Stephynie helped me tackle salary negotiation, revamping my website, my presence (body language & word choices), contracts, etc."

"...Became sought after by his peers."

Darby Brennan, Stammibene Consulting

“During one of my first executive roles, I was coming into it from the outside. This led to my unique challenge of coming into this board level project with the disadvantage of not having the strong relationships that my peers had acquired over the years. However, Stephynie stepped in and helped me get quickly acclimated.

With Stephynie’s invaluable coaching, I was able to develop my executive presence while improving my cultural and political literacy, gain insight and the ability to take intelligent action, and develop strong relationships both on personal and professional levels.”

“…Asked for the promotion he deserved — AND GOT IT!"

Daniel van der Have, Managing Director at Accenture

"There have been many various challenges that she has helped me overcome — self-defeating and inaccurate beliefs, lack of confidence, body language and tone, etc. Her insane intuition allowed her to assess how I was being perceived by my peers very quickly.

She helped me unearth my strengths that were dormant and shone the light on my weaknesses and areas needing improvement, effectively elevating my self-awareness. No one else has been able to help me in the past but Stephynie came in and was able to pinpoint the traits and characteristics that make me tick and how I can push them to take my executive presence to the next level. She gave me the steps and told me to practice. Intentional body language and words, physical presence that complements my words — she bundled up the entire package. This emboldened me to take more control and design the next step in my career."


While we coach and support each client according to his / her specific needs with our proven roadmaps and strategies, it's up to YOU to achieve your own personal outcome. 

Everyone is different and will receive different results. We can NOT guarantee success, only you can. This is not a 'get rich quick' scheme; Should this be what you're looking for then our coaching is NOT for you. We only work with high integrity individuals.